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Club Rules


  1. The club shall be known as the East Leake Angling Club (ELAC)

  2. The aim of the club is to organise and run coarse fishing matches and associated activities for the participation of the members.

  3. It will be organised by the committee that consists of Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and Match Secretary. The club officers are to be elected on a yearly basis at the AGM.

  4. Regular meetings are to be arranged by the elected committee. All members are welcome and encouraged to attend and participate at these meetings.

  5. An A.G.M. will be held at the beginning of every year (January), at which time club members will elect the committee for the following year. There will be a review of the year and the Treasurer will present accounts for approval.

  6. All funds raised by whatever means will be used for the benefit of the club and members or for any cause deemed suitable by the club and its members.

  7. Rules to be observed when match fishing are as per match rules laid out within the club booklet.

  8. All membership fees must be paid before the commencement of fishing any club matches.

  9. Every member must fish at least 6 aggregate matches throughout the season. For those who fail to do so, preference maybe given to those on the membership waiting list. The committee ahead of any such decision will take careful consideration of any extenuating circumstances.

Match Rules

  1. Failure to abide by any of the match rules listed below will lead to automatic disqualification and no points awarded.

  2. Anglers to commence and cease fishing on the given signal.

  3. Only one rod and line to be used at any one time.

  4. Any fish (made known by shouting ‘fish on’) hooked prior to the all-out signal must be landed within 15mins.

  5. Each competitor to fish the swim as drawn. No member is to change their drawn ‘peg’ without prior permission from the match secretary or in the case of it being the match secretary, the chairman is to be consulted.

  6. Nets are to be laid out for at least 15mins before the start of the match.

  7. Anglers may plumb the depth before the match commences, but strictly no pre-baiting.

  8. The use of dead bait, or artificial baits, for trolling or spinning is not allowed.

  9. The scales person will not weigh in pike.

  10. The club will abide by the rules of the fishery venue where the match is taking place. It is up to the individual club member to familiarize themselves with these rules. If in doubt, contact the match secretary or a member of the committee for clarity.

  11. Any guest is the responsibility of the member who invited them.

  12. In the event of a venue needing to be changed, providing time allows a meeting of members will be called and a majority vote will be needed to change the venue. If time does not allow the match secretary or his appointed deputy’s decision will be final.

  13. Guests may enter the pool and must pay a peg fee. Guests are not eligible for club trophies.

  14. Rules for the Golden Peg.

    1. The Golden Peg is set to be won within the current year.

    2. If the Golden Peg is not won by or on the last match of the season, the winner of the last match will be awarded 50% of the pot and 50% will be put into club funds.

    3. The Golden Peg is only open to club members.

    4. Members joining partway through a current Golden Peg may only join in if they pay for the number of matches for which it has been running.

    5. In the event of a match being tied there will be no payout of the Golden Peg; it has to be won outright.

  15. No use of optronics in matches.

  16. Anglers are not allowed to leave hooks in the water unattended whilst fishing in matches.

  17. All anglers must land their own fish from within the boundary of their designated peg.

  18. On carp predominant venues, nets must be laid out on arrival at the drawn peg (see rule 6). They should be placed into the water when directed by the Match Secretary (blowing of a whistle 15mins before the start of the match).

  19. A club limit of 60lb per net is to be used where there is an uncertainty or absence of fishery rules (This rule does not apply to rivers and canals.)

  20. Where there are fishery net limits, these will take president over the club rule. Where club rule is invoked, any net found to be over 60lb will be recorded as 60lb.

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