Members need to be aware of the seriousness of the guidelines that the Club needs to operate to. All Members are responsible for compliance to these guidelines. 

East Leake Angling Club – Changes to how the club will operate to comply with the Government’s Guidelines for social Distancing

  1. When attending matches, 2m social distancing should be observed from the outset, therefore no grouping prior to the draw.

  2. Anglers need to queue in an orderly fashion, 2m apart.

  3. Anglers need to have the match fee of £6 ready as no change will be available on the day.

  4. Each angler will be responsible for putting their match fee into a designated honesty box or landing net. Once match fees have been collected, the Treasurer will advise the Match Secretary of how many anglers are fishing.

  5. The Treasurer to wear suitable gloves, disinfect and handle all monies and payouts.

  6. The Match Secretary to complete the list of anglers on the match sheet prior to the draw

  7. The draw will be undertaken based upon the number of anglers listed. The Match secretary will make the draw on behalf of each angler in the queue order and as showing on the match sheet.

  8. The Match Secretary will complete the match sheet whereupon each angler will advised of their peg number and then anglers to go straight to their respective peg whilst still maintaining social distancing

  9. Sitting and staying on designated pegs will be maintained throughout the match and until the angler has weighed in.  

  10. The weigh in will be undertaken on an individual angler basis whereupon each angler will lift his/her net and empty the fish into a self-standing weigh bag and then retreat at least 2m away from the weigh bag. The weigh bag will then be lifted by a weigh man (for the first match, this will be either Trevor or Allen) onto the scales and weigh the fish. The weigh man will report the weight to the Match Secretary who will stand a minimum of 2m away from the angler and weigh man at all times. Anglers grouping around the weigh in will be avoided

  11. The Match Secretary can advise members of the results at the end of the weigh in. This should be done at distance and not as a group.

  12. The Treasurer will make the payouts on one angler at a time again using a landing net to distribute the money so that distancing is maintained.

  13. Recognition needs to be given to matches possibly starting and finishing later due to the above changes being introduced